About Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sunday Designs was originally conceptualized in 2014. What began as an idea to create trippy pocket tees evolved into something beyond what the eyes could see. I expanded beyond my peripheral range to a place in time that already existed but had not happened to bring an idea to life years before it would actually emerge. LSD is something that has opened my eyes in ways that I can't explain with words but can with my brand. My love for music and art are blended into one here. LSD and Disrupting Nirvana are more than sister brands. They are like the sun and the moon and you are the earth. Together in harmony they all power each other leading to new creations before our eyes. This brand as well as this description will be ever evolving and changing. Enjoy the moment that is the infinite now, I'll see you around.

(ps if you were wondering where the 3 zzz's come from its a reference to LSD and dreams having overlapping material, all coming together to create the art that you see)